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Septic tanks require regular maintenance and pumping to operate properly.

Septic tanks are critical components in every septic system, as they serve as the storage center for all the liquid and solid waste that moves through your drains and pipes. A septic tank is a large concrete box that is buried beneath the ground on your property and connected to the plumbing system with a series of pipes on either side. Every time you flush a toilet or rinse water down a drain in your home, the wastewater and solid waste moves through the pipes into the tank, where it forms layers. The liquid waste, known as effluent, moves to the top of the tank, where it receives treatment before moving out through the pipes on the other side. Those pipes are called the drain field, and they allow the treated effluent to go back into the soil. The solid waste remains in the tank and forms layers, called sludge.

Septic Tanks in Burgaw, North Carolina

Septic tanks require regular maintenance and pumping to operate properly. The tank can only hold so much waste, and when it reaches capacity, the result is a septic backup, which is a messy and unpleasant situation. Keeping up with regular septic pumping can also prolong the lifespan of septic equipment, including septic tanks.

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