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Our technicians are available to diagnose and resolve drain field issues.

A drain field is an essential component of a septic system. When you rinse something down the drain or flush a toilet in your home, the liquid and solid waste move through the pipes and into a septic tank, which is a large concrete box buried beneath the ground. Within the tank, the liquid waste rises to the top and moves to the other side, where it can exit through another set of pipes. Those pipes are known as the drain field, and they are perforated and often surrounded by a layer of gravel, which helps to further filter the treated liquid waste, called effluent, as it moves back into the soil.

Drain Field in Wilmington, North Carolina

Since the drain field is responsible for allowing effluent to re-enter the water table, its function is critical in maintaining the environmental safety of your system. If the drain field is damaged or not functioning properly, it could allow too much waste to seep into the ground, potentially causing damage to the surrounding water system. Some of the warning signs of a damaged drain field include wet spots on your property, portions of your grass that are greener and fuller than others, and unpleasant odors in the air. If you notice any of these concerns at your Wilmington, North Carolina home, contact Sewer & Drain Medic to take a closer look.

Our technicians are available to diagnose and resolve drain field issues. We also provide drain field installation and replacement services to local property owners. If your drain field needs attention, contact us and we’ll get it taken care of as soon as possible.

At Sewer & Drain Medic, we offer drain field services in Wilmington, Castle Hayne, Leland, Hampstead, Burgaw, Holly Ridge, Sneads Ferry, Jacksonville, Wrightsboro, Hightsville, Cape Fear, Sandy Creek, and Winnabow, North Carolina.


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