Why You Might Need Drain Field Cleaning

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One of the most common contributors for drain field failure is constantly sending more wastewater to the drain field than it is designed to handle. The system is designed to filter the wastewater as it enters the drain field, leaving the drain lines clear between cycles. If you have too many people in your home or you overwhelm the system by not practicing water conservation, the wastewater can end up sitting in the drain lines for extended periods. When this happens, the drain lines form a slimy bacterial mat along the walls that block drainage going forward, resulting in sewage backups and a belief that your drain field needs to be replaced. Drain field cleaning can often remedy this problem by removing the slime, but you’ll need to adjust your habits to avoid it happening again.

Why You Might Need Drain Field Cleaning

Another situation can lead to needing drain field cleaning. If there is too much waste in your septic tank, instead of only effluent reaching the drain field, the solids can too. They clog the drain field and need to be removed to get the drain field operating properly again.

It is important to note that the longer you delay taking action when slow drains or other issues indicate a septic tank or drain field problem, the more likely it is that drain field cleaning won’t be enough to resolve the problem. If that happens, the only option will be replacing the drain field.

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