When to Schedule Septic Inspections

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It can be a little too easy to ignore and forget your septic system until it starts causing issues. If everything is draining and flushing properly, it can seem like there’s nothing to worry about. Of course, you’ll know right away that something is wrong if your yard starts to reek of sewage, but there could be hidden issues as well that may need to be repaired just as badly.

When to Schedule Septic Inspections

These issues can be spotted with septic inspections, but you need to be sure to schedule such inspections regularly to avoid any unexpected mishaps. Here are a few tips on when to schedule septic inspections:

  • Buying or selling a house: You should always schedule a septic inspection before buying or selling a house. For a seller, a positive inspection can make for an easier sale and a smoother closing. For a buyer, you’ll want to be sure the previous owner maintained the septic system properly and you aren’t unknowingly signing up for hidden issues and expensive repairs.
  • Noticing an issue: As soon as you notice an issue with any part of your septic system, you should schedule a septic inspection. That way, we can fully assess the issue and determine the best course of action. An inspection could even save you money by determining whether the issue can be fixed with a simple cleaning instead of a more expensive repair.
  • Annually: To keep your septic system in the best possible condition and maintain safety, we recommend scheduling annual septic inspections, or at least every one to three years. Even if you don’t notice any issues, there may be a hidden issue that is better stopped ahead of time before it becomes a larger problem.

It’s never a bad idea to schedule septic inspections, even if it’s just to stay on the safe side. You can give us a call if you would like to learn more or schedule our services.