There Are Many Benefits of Regular Septic Pumping

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Septic systems are seldom considered by most homeowners until problems arise. It is wise to consider intermittent septic pumping in order to save trouble and money in the long run. The frequency of pumping depends on many factors such as the age of the system, the number of users, and how the system is used, but septic pumping every three to four years is generally accepted as a guideline.

There Are Many Benefits of Regular Septic Pumping

Some specific benefits of regular septic pumping are the following:

  • Preventing drain backups that generally indicate a problem deeper in the system.
  • Ensuring the quality of groundwater, which can be contaminated when the septic tank is too full and the drain field cannot perform properly. This can be hazardous to those using well water.
  • Saving money by preventing problems, or diagnosing them early, rather than when forced to replace costly components.
  • Avoiding toilet flushing issues that result from a full septic tank or clogs in the system.
  • Being a steward of the environment by protecting local bodies of water, people, and wildlife from toxic contamination and algal blooms.
  • Preventing foul odors from infiltrating the home and surrounding area. Sulfuric “rotten egg” odors are unpleasant and a likely sign of a full septic tank and escaping raw sewage.

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