The Importance and Timing of Septic Inspections

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You may have heard the old saying that goes “a watched pot is slow to boil.” It refers to how something always seems to take longer when you are anxiously waiting on it to happen. If you are anxious about something you don’t want to happen, the reverse is true– you should be watchful! Such is the case with your home’s septic system.

The Importance and Timing of Septic Inspections

Vigilance is the key to avoiding premature failure, costly repairs, or not doing septic pumping as soon as it should be done. The good news is you don’t have to climb down into the septic tank yourself – nor should you, as it can be quite dangerous. Instead, reach out to a septic contractor that performs septic inspections. Scheduling an annual inspection is your best defense against problems.

Another situation in which septic inspections are important is with a real estate transaction. As a seller, you might schedule one to be sure your septic system is in good shape so you won’t have any surprises during the closing process. It can be helpful to market your property as having a recent positive inspection, as that shows you have been on top of maintenance issues. As a buyer, you should never close on a property without having a septic inspection performed. Keep in mind that home inspectors do not do comprehensive septic inspections. They only test to be sure drains and toilets perform correctly, which doesn’t rule out a septic problem that hasn’t yet resulted in serious symptoms.

If you are interested in annual septic inspections for your Wilmington, North Carolina home or need one for a real estate transaction, reach out to us at Sewer & Drain Medic. We perform thorough septic inspections that will alert you to a problem or give you peace of mind that all is well. Call today to learn more about being sure your “pot” isn’t boiling over!