Signs That You Need Septic Drain Field Cleaning

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If you have a septic system for your home, making sure that your drain field is in excellent working order is vital. The drain field of your system plays a very important role in treating wastewater from your home and keeping your septic system healthy. Over time, your drain field can become clogged, which can make it less efficient and can lead to significant issues.

Signs That You Need Septic Drain Field Cleaning

Some of the telltale signs that you need drain field cleaning are the following:

  1. Slow Draining Fixtures- One big indicator that you need drain field cleaning is when you notice that your fixtures—sinks, showers, and toilets—are taking longer than normal to drain. This can be indicative of a clogged drain field and that your wastewater is not being treated or absorbed adequately.
  2. Bad Odors- Noticing unpleasant odors around the inside or outside of your home can indicate a big issue with your septic system. If your septic drain field is clogged or otherwise compromised, it can release foul-smelling sewer gasses. Getting prompt drain field cleaning services can help eliminate these bad odors and restore proper functionality to your system.
  3. Standing Water in Your Yard- Pooling water in your yard, especially when located in and around your drain field area, is a strong sign that there are issues with your septic system. If the drain field becomes overburdened with wastewater, it struggles to keep up with the volume, thus causing the water to pool in your yard.
  4. Lush Vegetation- If the vegetation around your drain field is looking unusually healthy and lush compared to the area outside of your drain field, it could signal an issue. The nutrient-rich wastewater can promote plant growth.
  5. Drain Backups- Finding that your drains are backing up with sewage is a significant indicator that your septic system is compromised in some way, which can lead to a whole host of problems, including threats to your health. Backups of this type require immediate attention to reduce the risk to you and your family.

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