Determining Right Frequency for Septic Pumping

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There is a rule of thumb estimate regarding septic pumping that states you should have it done every three to five years. There is such a wide range because there are many factors that dictate how often you might need to have it done. If you don’t understand how to determine the right frequency for your situation, you could end up waiting too long and dealing with a messy backup, septic repairs, or even premature failure of the septic tank or drain field.

Determining Right Frequency for Septic Pumping

One way to avoid that scenario is to schedule annual septic inspections with a company that will assess the septic system’s condition, perform any maintenance that is needed, and take care of septic pumping when it is the right time. Some families opt for annual septic pumping for complete peace of mind they won’t experience a backup.

Another way is to talk with a septic pumping professional about the size of the septic tank you have, how many people are in your household, how much time is spent at home, how often you have overnight guests, and other factors that affect how often septic pumping should be done. Keep in mind that an older system could require more frequent septic pumping to help delay replacement.

If you would like to schedule septic pumping at your Wilmington, North Carolina home or discuss what frequency would be best for your situation, reach out to us at Sewer & Drain Medic. As a veteran-owned company, we take customer service seriously, so you can be confident you’ll get straightforward answers about your septic pumping and service needs.