A Septic Company Can Offer You Much More Than a Plumber

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When it comes to maintaining your property’s septic system, it’s essential that you work with a professional. Sure, some plumbers are experienced and may come cheap, but there’s much more to it. The truth is that beyond regular scheduling, septic maintenance should never be your problem.

A Septic Company Can Offer You Much More Than a Plumber

In that case, why worry about a plumber’s workmanship when a septic company can offer you peace of mind? When you hire us, you will enjoy our unique offerings, which include the following:

  • Warranty. Warranties are a workmanship guarantee. They ensure you get the best septic maintenance services possible. For instance, we offer a full warranty on our drain field services. In contrast, working with a plumber usually means gambling on the quality of service; you never know what you’ll get.
  • Insurance and bonding. Septic maintenance and installation are complex jobs that typically involve significant risk. Therefore, it’s important that you’re not held liable for any injury-related claims while you’re receiving the services. As a reliable septic company, we are fully insured and bonded, so you don’t have to worry about us at all.
  • Emergency services. You always want someone who can follow up on their work. So, what happens when you can’t locate your plumber when you need repairs? Or maybe they are not willing to work around the clock? The good news is that we are on-call 24/7 for any septic system emergencies you might have.

Overall, the best way to protect your investment is by hiring a reliable septic company in your area. At Sewer & Drain Medic, we have been offering septic services in Wilmington, North Carolina and the surrounding areas since 2006. Get in touch with us today.