Anthony was more than helpful over the phone. I have used this company 3 times, and they are always on time and professional. My septic system was having issues, and I got all the guidance I could need from this company. I highly recommend.
Alex S.

We had a septic backup a week ago and had another company pump out our tank. One week later, I was getting worried because there was standing water in the clean-out line. Anthony asked me to send some pictures and explained what the issue was without charging me anything. Luckily, we don’t have an issue and thanks to Anthony I am not worried about the system. I will be using the Sewer & Drain Medic for all my septic services. It’s hard to find honest people like this these days.

Great company and affordable. Anthony was on time and very helpful. Have used this company many times and will continue to use them.
Shannon B.

The guys at Sewer & Drain Medic were amazing! They restored my septic tank for me for a very reasonable price. Doing this, they saved me thousands by not having to completely replace the whole system. They guaranteed the service for the next 3 years no problems. I had one problem with it on a Thursday afternoon going into a holiday weekend, they came out at no charge and fixed the problem that Saturday morning! So reassuring knowing if we have a problem, it will be fixed ASAP. I would recommend them to everyone having septic issues.
Ashlee D.

Sewer & Drain Medic is great! They came out, diagnosed my problem in no time flat and shed light on how a septic system works. The equipment used was in great condition, clean and well cared for. If your septic system is having trouble, these guys are the ones to call.
War H.

I had these guys come out and find a blockage in my septic field. Unfortunately, it blocked again 7months later, and I figured the fight would be on to try to get them out on their warranty. To my surprise, not only were they friendly and responsive to my call, they came out 4 hours later. They pumped my tank for free to get us running again and put us on the books for a total fix in case roots grew back or they missed something. Came back four days later, pumped the septic again, found that the problem was my yard wasn’t draining overall very well. Put in a new line again all at their cost under the two-year warranty. Couldn’t be happier with the crew… Super friendly, my boy really took a liking to them and they took time to talk and joke with him. Kept their word, which is super hard to find in this day I feel… I don’t usually write reviews, but I had to for these guys. They have a life-long client, and I would recommend them to anyone.
John B.

Excellent service. Best of all, he was able to come out the same day as my call. Anthony was very thorough and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain everything that was being done and why. He explained our options and what we should and should not do. Fixed our problem and did way more than expected. Price was better than the other companies. We will definitely use this company in the future.
Joe R.

I called and explained that liquid was seeping out of the top of the septic tank, but the warning light had not come on. John spent 10 minutes on the phone with me asking questions and then explaining where I need to look for tripped breakers or blown fuses. I followed his instructions and was able to find a tripped breaker at the unit (severe lightning storms a few days previous) and got the unit up and running. No service call, and no charge. I highly recommend Sewer & Drain Medic.

Anthony at Sewer & Drain Medic provided exceptional service for my septic issues. The price quoted to pump the tank was very reasonable and what I paid at the time of service. He took the time to help me troubleshoot my issues and explain things in great detail without overcharging. He genuinely seemed to have my best interest in mind. For any future issues I have or tank pumping, he’ll be the first person I call, no question.
Brian W.

I don’t typically write reviews, but I felt obligated to write a review for this business because of more than one positive experience with them. I’ve now “worked with” both Anthony and John. They’re hardworking, they understand their craft, and they’re honest. They’re also professional, on time, and fair with their pricing. Obviously, pricing is a scary thing when dealing with a septic system, but they properly anticipated the repair prior to performing it so what was quoted to me was what I paid.
N R.

Anthony completed the job promptly. He kept his word on his price which was lower than a few other places I called. He gave a thorough explanation of everything he did and what the issue was. I would recommend him and this company. Very professional and nice.
Anne P.

We used Anthony when we first moved into our house to pump out our septic tank as per the move-in agreement. He offered great rates and information. Two years later we experienced significant flooding and our septic system stopped working. He came out as soon as possible and checked our system after we requested the septic to be pumped. Anthony came out and inspected our system and told us that we didn’t need a pumping. He spent an hour of his time at our house checking our system and providing us with useful information. He could have easily told us that we needed it to be pumped, and we would have not known better. If you need your septic system serviced, use Sewer & Drain Medic.
Greg G.

During a basic tank pumping, Anthony found that I had a two-compartment tank. The lid to the front tank had been cemented shut-and never, ever serviced. He finally chiselled it open and was able to pump it after fishing out about 30lbs of baby wipes and dental floss by hand. Any extra charges for all his hard work? Nope! A solid five stars!
Mark B.

Great service! Anthony was able to find the problem, flush out the pipes and pump our sewer! Great pricing and finds ways to save you money! Highly recommend this company!
Candice M.

Went very smooth!! I had recently bought this property and wanted to be certain where all septic components were before I started laying out a new circular drive. I called one day, and Anthony gave me a verbal quote and we agreed to meet the following morning at 8:30. He arrived on time and located all the components very quickly with my 1999 septic permit printout and his probe tool. He then dug up and uncovered all 3 concrete lids. He pumped, cleaned the effluent filter, and then located and verified that drain field was gravel instead of the cheaper Styrofoam. He also explained that my tank was “traffic rated” which was good news. He also suggested that I might want to remove one Bradford pear near my drain field. I will call them again for any septic needs and could have saved myself some money had I used them pre-purchase for the septic inspection instead of another realtor-recommended provider. I had him leave the lids free of dirt so I could “mark” with some scrap bricks flush the ground to permanently locate. 100% positive experience and fair price.

Great experience. These guys answered their calls and came out the same day. They did the job quickly and guaranteed their work. Thanks, John and team!
Matt W.

Very happy with service. Any issues or concerns were explained in great detail to ensure avoiding any issues down the line. Will use again.
Kyle A.

These folks are awesome and went above and beyond on our septic pump and repair today. I intended to drop off some sulphate, so they could put it in but forgot and John went and picked some up and added it for me. They were timely and slightly less expensive than the other 2 places I called. Highly recommend them!!

Anthony at Sewer & Drain Medic saved our bacon on a home purchase. We nearly bought a house with a potentially failing system. The bank didn’t require an inspection, but we got it on our own. It turned out the house had a history of septic trouble and an uncertain septic future. Anthony would have a PhD in septic science if such a thing existed. I was impressed with how well he explained the septic system workings to a novice.
Alex A.

We had called in to get a rough quote on getting our tank pumped out, which the gentleman we spoke with was very helpful and knowledgeable about and asked questions to find out our concerns. He helped me determine that we likely don’t have tank issues and the fill valve on the one toilet is potentially bad as it has a random gurgle to it. We thought for sure our tank was full. We put this house up almost a year ago and the property had no house on it for a few years before, so there’s no telling how long since the existing tank had been pumped. He doesn’t believe we need to get it pumped but we’re going to anyway, so we’ll feel better about it going forward. Great guy, very helpful and informative.
Joshua H.

This Company provided the best septic service performed here in years. The truck showed up EXACTLY when the operator indicated it would. The task was thoroughly completed. Far superior to any previous service we’ve had out in the past. Finally, we paid EXACTLY the price quoted to us on the phone- nearly $100 less than any other company willing to make the service call. CALL THESE GUYS. They are exceptional.

Sewer & Drain Medic recently unclogged our toilet/bathtub drain and did a fantastic job! The plumber was very friendly, arrived early and had the job done in no time! Wonderful service; I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing plumbing help!
Devin B.

Excellent work. Good communications. Very nice to work with. Good price.

Anthony was great! He answered the phone on a weekend when no one else did. He gave great information about what to expect, what to do until he was able to come out and look at our septic, what the expected cost would be, etc. He was very polite and knowledgeable when he came to my home. Everything went well and my septic tank is in great condition. I would absolutely use this service again and tell others to use them as well.
Kara M.

As a realtor and home inspector, I have recommended this company for almost a decade. Service is unrushed and top notch every time. I recently used them to service my own septic system – great service once again. I make the same mistakes most homeowners do in the treatment of a septic system, and after only 5 years, my system was on the brink of failure. These guys cleared my mistakes and saved me thousands. Lesson #1, don’t wait 5 years to service your septic system!